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Ugliest Porsche Ever

Could this possibly be the ugliest Porsche you’ve ever seen? I found this today on ebay and I have to say it’s appalling. In the auction description, the seller claims that over $150k was invested. What a waste. I just don’t see anything to like about this car. The front looks like a slantnose gone […]

Mario Andretti

I came home yesterday to an issue of Success Magazine that was sent to me in the mail. It’s not a magazine I would normally read (despite my desire to be successful!), but this one happened to have an article on Mario Andretti in it, so I gave it a quick read. Me not being […]

Would You Rather Poll Wrap-up

Our final poll just wrapped up and we had one of our best showings since the Porsche Giveaway poll a few months ago. Here’s the results: Would You Rather…Have a 1986 911 Turbo or a used Cayman S? 1986 Porsche 911 Turbo: 74% (20) Used Porsche Cayman S: 26% (7) Total Votes: 27 Not super […]

Porsche Wrongness

There’s some things in life that just shouldn’t be. Like a peanut butter and ketchup sandwich for instance. Or wearing driving gloves while piloting your Geo Metro. You really wouldn’t think we’d have a tough time putting the right things together in situations like that. Evidently though, some people just don’t have that common sense […]

Snow: 1 – Porsche: 0

Joe, one of our readers who lives in the Northeast, sent me the following picture this morning taken during his commute: Here’s what he had to say: School was not cancelled today despite all the snow we got in the New Haven area. Drove the boxster to class and almost died like three times! […]

Tempting Porsches #25

Tempting Porsche #1 The first Tempting Porsche for today is a 1983 911 SC. It’s got a tea tray spoiler and is a classic red with black interior. Just under 80k miles on it. Here’s some info from the Craigslist ad: Air conditioning; AM/FM stereo; Single CD player; Power windows; Power door locks; Power seats; […]

500th Post

Today I’m posting my 500th post on It’s been just over a year since I started the blog and I can’t believe we’re already hitting the 500 post mark. I’ve been contemplating what to do with this post and was half tempted to just let the milestone go by since I’m guessing that most […]

Porsche 911 2.7 RS Video

I know there aren’t too many people who like the 2.7 engine, but this is one sweet looking car and a great video. I didn’t even know Porsche Experience TV existed. Some great driving footage and narration by the Chief Driving Consultant at one of Porsche’s Experience Centers. I WANT THAT JOB!

Weekly Porsche Wrap

12 year old “Porsche Kid” speculates on 2014 Porsche lineup – Yes, the same kid that put out the renderings of the Porsche 928 Turbo a few months ago (12-Year-Old Commissioned to Design 928 Replacement?) has put together what he thinks the lineup will be for the 2014 model year. Jalopnik has the entire write-up […]

81 Year Old Porsche Racer

Frank, one of our readers, sent in this video along with the following explanation: This red 997 turbo was being serviced at Harper Porsche hear in Knoxville. Remarkably, I am told, the owner and driver in this video is Willard Kinzer. He is 81 years old, or maybe 81 years young is more appropriate! […]