Ugliest Porsche Ever

Could this possibly be the ugliest Porsche you’ve ever seen? I found this today on ebay and I have to say it’s appalling. In the auction description, the seller claims that over $150k was invested. What a waste.

I just don’t see anything to like about this car. The front looks like a slantnose gone bad. You’ve got those big ugly bulges behind the seats and the rear is an absolute mess. Body work upon body work. Who would do such a thing?!


  1. This thing is sweet lol (I would rather drive Steve Urkel`s Isetta) 🙂

  2. the headlights look like the are from an old eagle talon.

  3. The front looks like a bad hybrid of a Pontiac Fiero and a Strosek Porsche…. What was the platform it was built on? 944?

    • Sorry, I meant to include this in the post. Here’s info from the auction description:

      “1987 special porsche speedster, built on a 1987 911 convertible frame, with a 3.3 turbo ,this porsche was built with no expense spared , built for show and track, approx $150.000 to replace this dyno , has a top and tonnoue cover , engine runs strong but needs a tune up , breaks up after 3000 rpms , maybe new electromotive iginition, or other ignition, big brakes,big tires, built for racing and showing, this porsche is a WILD and CRAZY ride , not for the average diver, nothing like this on your street, or town , race the big boy.”

  4. That is truly the ugliest Porsche and maybe the ugliest car ever. A true waste of money.

  5. To paraphrase Comic Book Guy on The Simpsons, “Worst Porsche Ever!” The front looks like a 90’s Capri convertible and the rear is as Ryan said “an absolute mess”. I whispered a quiet apology to Ferry Porsche for even looking at this.

  6. Brad Bergeron says

    “No expense spared” But we wont make a decent showing of it and tune it up . ..We have lost our shirts on this piece of crap enough already lol

  7. I kinda get where they were going with the rear. It looks like one of the 935’s but the bumps behind the seats are as big as silos.

  8. That is easily the ugliest Porsche I’ve ever seen. Just an absolute disgrace.

  9. it’s got Florida plates. some of the most abusive things ever done to the P-Car happened there. I’ve been shopping for my new ride from southern states, and this is the kinda crap they do down there.

  10. I beg to differ. I have a facebook friend who regularly posts pictures of “tie-dye” styled Porsches, and other absurd colors. Someone has got to be smoking pot to do that to a Porsche.

  11. there is one thing missing on this car – spinning rims

  12. i like weird cars like this.

  13. Does this clownmobile come with a clown suit? In some places, Stuttgart for example. It’s legal to drag these people through a pool of razor blades before rubbing salt in thier wounds, and setting them on fire. Just saying.

  14. Hey… It’s better than most of our cars!

  15. whats it called I don’t think it’s a Porsche I think it’s really an Oldsmobile