Mario Andretti

I came home yesterday to an issue of Success Magazine that was sent to me in the mail. It’s not a magazine I would normally read (despite my desire to be successful!), but this one happened to have an article on Mario Andretti in it, so I gave it a quick read.

Me not being a big racing fan (of any sort), my respect and knowledge of Mario Andretti primarily comes from the association of his name with speed, racing in general, and simply going fast. I always took it as a compliment when my parents would complain about me “driving like Mario Andretti.”

Although not Porsche-specific, I’m sure most people are impressed with his legacy and he’s definitely got the name recognition. His career has spanned five decades and has shown him 111 checkered flags. He was also clocked once driving 234.275 miles an hour. That’s CRAZY FAST!

Driving down the highway one day, a young trooper pulled him over. Maybe he had been speeding just a little. “Who do you think you are?” the  trooper asked him. “Mario Andretti?” Classic.

Quite a man with a long, successful career of going fast.


  1. Mario was a great racer and from what I have heard an all-around great guy. Definitely has created a mystique for the Andretti name.

  2. I’m pretty sure I posted Mario’s Porsche somewhere in the galleries – if not, I’ll send it to Ryan, and post the link back here. The dude drove EVERYTHING in EVERY series, except maybe mud-buggies, but he’s not dead yet, so there’s still time.