Porsche Wrongness

There’s some things in life that just shouldn’t be. Like a peanut butter and ketchup sandwich for instance. Or wearing driving gloves while piloting your Geo Metro. You really wouldn’t think we’d have a tough time putting the right things together in situations like that. Evidently though, some people just don’t have that common sense gene. This happens to be an unfortunate consequence:

Yep, your eyes are not deceiving you. That is indeed a Porsche 997, somewhere in Germany, pulling a camping trailer. I’ve looked at this thing every which way trying to make sense of it. Trying to figure out a way the Porsche is NOT hooked up to the trailer. I’m sorry to say, I’ve come up with nothing. This little beauty is using it’s ponies for something Porsche never intended.

That’s some serious Porsche Wrongness!


  1. maybe the 997 is just parked in front of the trailer?..Maybe the trailer is actually self propelled following the 997 ? (lol). I would rather eat a Peanut butter and Ketchup sandwich if either of these guesses are wrong 🙂

  2. Perhaps if it were towing a sleek Airstream trailer it would be better . . . nah.

  3. I’ve got to say I like this. I can imagine taking this setup on a nice late summer trip to the Sierra Nevada mountains. Once you find a nice camping site, unhook the trailer and get it all set up. Now you’re ready to go with a perfect car to tour the beautiful mountain roads.

  4. Use a Cayenne for towing

  5. This does look very wrong. We all know the car has enough horsepower to pull a trailer, but WHY????
    Also, it is a little suspicious because the trailer has the TV dish up, and most RV’s lower their dish when they travel. Photoshop???

  6. Do they sell a trailer hitch for a 911? If so I can’t imagine that they sell that many.

  7. @Ryan – I really like Airstream trailers and would love to tow one behind a Cayenne someday. I think that would be a beautiful setup.

    • @Steve – Now I’d be down with that. A Cayenne and a sweet Airstream would be a setup even Matthew McConaughey would be jealous of!

  8. I’ve done this before – used a 944 to tow a jet ski trailer

    • @ruthless – Yes! You’re back! Course not the comment I expected you to return with! Always stirring up some conversation.

  9. Welcome back Ruthless!

  10. seriously, Ryan, if you can’t tow some jet skis w/ a 944, then it really is as useless as the book values say they are. good to be back – now I’m going to peruse the past posts to see what trouble I can cause.