Snow: 1 – Porsche: 0

Joe, one of our readers who lives in the Northeast, sent me the following picture this morning taken during his commute:


Here’s what he had to say:

School was not cancelled today despite all the snow we got in the New Haven area. Drove the boxster to class and almost died like three times!

I’ll let Joe give more detail if he wants in the comments, but I don’t see any road in front of where the Porsche is pointed and that snow looks awful close to the windshield.

Thanks for sending this in Joe and braving the elements in your Porsche. You’re livin the dream!


  1. The picture is actually a little bit of an illusion. I’m in a parking lot and there’s probably about 60 feet between my car and the pile of snow. While the rain washed away much of the snow this afternoon, the roads were real bad this morning. Highways were fine, but the main roads weren’t. Slid going up a hill and ended up in the other lane. Luckily no other cars were around! I think next time it snows I’ll be taking my Jeep!!

    • @Joe – I don’t blame you, but make sure you send pics or some video of some Porsche slippin and slidin this winter.

  2. I think he was lining up to jump the snow pile ahead of him.

  3. That’s an awesome pic. I wish it would have snowed here in the NW this weekend like they had thought it might. Oh well.
    And what are you doing driving your Porsche on a day like that while your Jeep stays warm in the garage?