Would You Rather Poll Wrap-up

Our final poll just wrapped up and we had one of our best showings since the Porsche Giveaway poll a few months ago. Here’s the results:

Would You Rather…Have a 1986 911 Turbo or a used Cayman S?

  • 1986 Porsche 911 Turbo: 74% (20)
  • Used Porsche Cayman S: 26% (7)

Total Votes: 27

Not super surprising. A few die hard Cayman fans out there, which is cool.

I didn’t have plans to continue with the polls, but thought of something I’d be interested to hear your take on, so I threw a new poll up I’ll let run for a month or so.

If anyone has ideas for a poll, feel free to email me, comment here, or get in touch with me by the contact form.


  1. Will VW hurt the mystique of Porsche? One might want to ask themselves if VW has taken away from the Mystique of Bugatti?…..They do own that brand! of course they never bought an actual Bugatti establishment, Just the brand….But they have payed respectful homage to it for certain.

  2. Ferdinand Porsche designed the Volkswagen beetle. Their history is so intertwined that there probably wouldnt be one without the other. If we were talking GM or Ford I ‘d be worried but I think Porsche is safe in VW’s hands.

  3. like James says, V-Dub / P-Car have a pre-existing history, I’m thinking this will be a good thing going forward.