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Jay Leno Drives A Porsche Panamera

Alright, this video is pretty dang unexciting, and I wish for all of our sakes that someone would teach Leno how to pronounce the freakin name! “Porsche” is a TWO syllable word. I’m posting this up, though, because I love seeing more real world, uncut footage of cars I have yet to see in person. […]

New “Would You Rather” Poll

Not a stellar showing on the last poll, but that’s okay. Those of you who abstained may have to indulge me a bit more this time around and vote, or those who did vote will need to vote multiple times from multiple systems. Otherwise I’m just going to keep finding stupid Porsche related questions to […]

What To Do With Your Old Porsche 944 Hatchback Window

This kind of reminds me of those 101 Things To Do With A Dead Cat books from when I was growing up. Salem’s Latte, a little coffee place in Salem, Oregon has come up with a unique use for an old Porsche 944 hatchback window…use it as a drive thru awning. Salem’s Latte is unique […]

The “Porsche” Treatment

A few months ago, I bookmarked a bunch of Porsche related sites that I intended to get back to way before today. In going through them, I came across a very short write-up by a fella test driving a Porsche 911 Carrera 4 Cabriolet. His thoughts on the car weren’t all that interesting, but an […]

Older 912 Pictures

Scott, one of our readers, who also runs, sent me a few pictures of this red 912 he saw in a local shopping center parking lot. This is how he had the pictures laid out in the email and I just thought it looked cool. Kind of like those 80’s 3 car pictures […]

Win A Porsche Panamera

Just found out last week that the Porsche Club of America is doing a raffle to give away a 2010 Porsche Panamera S. The raffle is open to all current PCA members (make sure your memberhsip will still be current on the day of the drawing). The cost is $50 per entry with a maximum […]

Weekly Porsche Wrap

Wired features “10 Cars Way Too Far Ahead of Their Time” – I ran across this post this weekend in connection with an article about Toyota’s next generation hybrid. The 1st car on the list was the first known hybrid production car (pictured above) built in 1898 by Ferdinand Porsche. The 7th car on the […]

Porsche GT3 Video

This is another one sent in by a reader a few months ago (sorry I can’t remember who sent it in, feel free to take credit for it in the comments). It’s an older video Top Gear aired on the Porsche GT3. This is such a sweet looking car. Gotta be one of the best […]

ANOTHER Porsche 356 Tripster

I love the pictures people send me of Porsches they see while out and about. It’s even better when people like my parents get in on the action, especially considering that they’re not exactly gearheads. Honestly, it’s taken years of training to hone their Porsche spotting skills. My parents are full-time RV’ers and drive a […]

Rolex 2009 Monterey Historics Race

Lyndon, one of our readers, sent me a couple of links a week or so ago. One of them was to a very cool slideshow highlighting mostly images from the historic race at Monterey this year. I usually don’t have enough of an attention span to make it through more than a few slides, […]