Win A Porsche Panamera


Just found out last week that the Porsche Club of America is doing a raffle to give away a 2010 Porsche Panamera S. The raffle is open to all current PCA members (make sure your memberhsip will still be current on the day of the drawing). The cost is $50 per entry with a maximum of 5500 entries being sold. Not bad odds.

Of course, I entered. I’m hoping lady luck will smile down on me since we gave away a Porsche 911 Cabriolet last month. How sweet would it be to WIN a brand new 2010 Panamera S?!

I’m wondering…If I win, should I put it up as our next Giveaway Porsche on

Anyone else enter the raffle?

You can read more about the raffle here: PCA Panamera Raffle.


  1. Good luck to you Ryan! If karma counts, you have got to be one of the most likely after giving away your Porsche.

  2. Good luck, I would expect you to drive it for a while first after all the 911 was 10 years old. maybe this time since the back seat looks to comfortable you should stick Brock in the trunk.

  3. Ryan,

    It will be tough for you to give it away, as I already plan on winning! If you’re nice, I might come for a visit in it and we can do a PorschPerfect meets PorschePurist video. 🙂

  4. NO, i say you keep it
    enough giving away,
    since only 1 of us can win, this way we can all enjoy it “through” you.

  5. That’s very cool, Ryan. I hope you win. I know there could be many future stories written about the Panamera trips.

  6. Jeff is already clearing a spot next to the 911 in anticipation.

  7. Good luck dude! If you win can I borrow this to school for a week? :d

  8. Ha! very funny James. That would be amazing to win two cars in one year. Bet that hasn’t happened before.

  9. U can win a Porsche by entering the competition at , no strings attached

  10. Andy Lassak says

    The National Humane Society has a raffle with only 2,399 tickets sold. Win a 911 or Panamera.