Weekly Porsche Wrap

Wired features “10 Cars Way Too Far Ahead of Their Time” – I ran across this post this weekend in connection with an article about Toyota’s next generation hybrid. The 1st car on the list was the first known hybrid production car (pictured above) built in 1898 by Ferdinand Porsche. The 7th car on the list was the Porsche 959 referred to by Wired.com as “Bad ass”…and I have to agree. I LOVED the 959 when it first came out. Check out the full article here: Wired 10 Cars Ahead. [Via Wired.com]

Man steals a Porsche Cayenne S from his own dealership – This is just strange. A salesman steals a Porsche Cayenne S from the dealership he’s working at, but continues to work there. THREE YEARS LATER he’s caught when the police see his wife driving the stolen vehicle. When caught, he says the dealership gave him permission to drive the car. I can’t believe he got away with it for 3 years…that’s the crazy part. [Via Komonews.com]

New York dealer crashes a customer’s Koenigsegg into a 2009 Porsche GT2 – I know it’s gotta be tempting to take the exotics you see come through your dealership for a spin every now and then…even if they’re a customer’s car in for service. Unfortunately this little escapade by a New York dealer bit him in the butt. He crashed an ultra rare 2008 Koenigsegg CCX, damaging a 2009 Porsche GT2 in the process. The Koenigsegg CCX is one of the rarest supercars available with only 25 produced and only 10 of those making their way to our parts in North America. Imagine how uncomfortable that conversation had to be with the customer. [Via MotorAuthority.com]

Porsche must share – Michael Macht indicated last week that Porsche is prepared to share the Panamera and 911 platforms with other Volkswagen Group brands. His conviction is “Porsche needs to become a strong pillar of VW, as well as having its own production and research and development capabilities. It is important to ?use synergies as well as having independence.” (from an interview with the U.K.’s AutoCar). Even though this represents what we have to believe is a dillution of the brand, Macht seems to feel it’s the future of Porsche. He did, however, mention Porsche would NOT share it’s powerplants. [Via AutoGuide.com]


  1. That is a pretty wild story on the Koenigsegg. After reading the article I couldn’t believe the price of those things. In the 2 million dollar range. wow. amazing.

  2. OUCH! That Koenigsegg accident wasn’t a minor ding either. Here is a pic of the accident:

    No pic of the poor GT2, unfortunately (or maybe that’s fortunately)…

  3. I still love the 959 too. Its not the ultimate Porsche any longer by the numbers, But it held that spot at one time and that will forever make it special.

    I always look at a car in what era it was built and the design is awesome when you think back to that time and take it for that. It isnt a style that became timeless, But it does represent the era…That is cool.

  4. I had a boss that pulled a similar stunt with a customer’s Delorean. Not the phone call you want to make. I lived in Frankfurt the year the 959 was introduced at the auto show. I must have stood drooling at that car for an hour.