ANOTHER Porsche 356 Tripster

I love the pictures people send me of Porsches they see while out and about. It’s even better when people like my parents get in on the action, especially considering that they’re not exactly gearheads. Honestly, it’s taken years of training to hone their Porsche spotting skills.

My parents are full-time RV’ers and drive a Class C based on the Sprinter van chasis that is pretty good sized. I tell you that so you can better appreciate the comment my mom sent with the following pictures:

Dad was driving the Nav like it was the Ferrari so I could take these – almost 90 mph.  Wish the windshield would have been cleaner!  But we tried.

Some great pictures of a road trip in a 356. Great use of the rack on the back too!

porsche-356-road-trip-1 porsche-356-road-trip-2

porsche-356-road-trip-3 IMG_2135


  1. That is so cool. Love those pics of old Porsches on the road.

  2. Cool! If your Dad got pinched by smokey, He would have had the opportunity to quote a smokey and the bandit line

    You know i clocked you at 96 miles an hour? “96 miles an hour?…I didnt know this truck could go 96 miles an hour! ” 🙂

  3. “Dad was driving the Nav like it was the Ferrari…”
    As in, your dad also has a Ferrari?

  4. Forget the Porsche, that Navion Sprinter is my dream car.