What To Do With Your Old Porsche 944 Hatchback Window


This kind of reminds me of those 101 Things To Do With A Dead Cat books from when I was growing up. Salem’s Latte, a little coffee place in Salem, Oregon has come up with a unique use for an old Porsche 944 hatchback window…use it as a drive thru awning.

Salem’s Latte is unique in a couple of ways. First of all, it’s located in the back of a body piercing shop with only a drive thru window (that I know of). Second, they’re the only coffee house in town serving Stumptown coffee, which is a Portland coffee roasting sensation (depending on who you talk to). Aside from great coffee, they also have awesome $1 soft serve ice cream cones! We’ve been there a few times in the Giveaway Porsche while on video.

Back to the 944 window awning. The only problem with it: it doesn’t really work. It’s still a great idea though!


  1. I have been collecting car parts to use as wall hangings. I have an old 912 engine lid two 300sl Hoods and a Ferrari door skin. I keep saying I will refinish them and hang them but I never seem to get to it. the one that I regret letting go of was a hood for a 550 spyder I gave my cousin, I did tell him if he no longer wanted it I would take it back but he still has it hanging on his wall.

  2. i heard that somebody in town was serving stumptown. of course i haven’t really looked that hard either. i’m more excited about the coffee than the rear window…

  3. That’s a pretty neat use for the glass. And Stumptown is the best – for the record.

  4. Very cool and unique use of a hatchback window.

  5. Their ice cream is the bomb but the hatchback window over the drive thru is a bit funny, never noticed that before. 🙂

  6. Inside, do they serve on “tea trays” ? 🙂