Porsche GT3 Video

This is another one sent in by a reader a few months ago (sorry I can’t remember who sent it in, feel free to take credit for it in the comments). It’s an older video Top Gear aired on the Porsche GT3. This is such a sweet looking car. Gotta be one of the best 911s of all time. The takeoff at the start of the video is classic. Great way to start the week.


  1. I have come to expect an awesome video to start off every Monday….You did not disappoint!!!!

  2. That is a cool video and it looks like he had a lot of fun driving it. The thing I noticed and think about, is that it sure would be different driving while shifting with your left hand. Might take a little while to get used to .

  3. Thanks Ryan, nothing gets my car lust going like a GT3. Time to go buy some more Powerball tickets.