New “Would You Rather” Poll

Not a stellar showing on the last poll, but that’s okay. Those of you who abstained may have to indulge me a bit more this time around and vote, or those who did vote will need to vote multiple times from multiple systems. Otherwise I’m just going to keep finding stupid Porsche related questions to ask and make this a permanent Friday fixture on the blog. I’m pretty sure no one wants that!

Here’s the question and results from the past week:

Would You Rather…Have a 993 Turbo (1995-1998) or a top-of-the-line Disney Cruise with for you and your extended family?

  • 993 Turbo: 80% (8)
  • Mack Daddy Disney Cruise: 20% (2)

Total Votes : 10

Not a big surprise there. Anyone want to fess up to choosing a Disney Cruise with Mickey over a Porsche?!

This week’s “Would You Rather” is a little easier. It pits the Porsche 959 against a 2010 911 Carrera 4S (threw in the 4S to make it a little more interesting).


  1. Ryan, This is a no brain-er, the C4s ( and I LOVE the 997) is nice but even a twenty year old 959 is still a 959. how many have you seen let alone gotten to own?

  2. I might be afraid to drive a 959 around because they are so unique. Somebody would probably be staring at it and run into it… I would choose the new one and enjoy the heck out of it.

  3. don’t worry Jeff anything can be fixed.