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Porsche Smart Car

With all of the talk about gas saving Porsches like the hybrid, it’s about time someone applied the Smart Car technology and design to our favorite sports cars. Here are a couple of models for your consideration. The Smorsche: The Smorsche Targa:

Billionaire’s Exclusive Porsche (uh, that stands for Business Standard Motoring, not the other BS) had a cool blog post titled “A Billion to One” where they talked about what a billionaire might drive to stand out from the crowd. Actually more specifically what a billionaire might have done to his/her ride to stand out from the crowd. […]

Porsche 911 Buyer’s Guide Review

I just finished reading through the Porsche 911 Buyer’s Guide by Randy Leffingwell. I’ve actually had the book for a while, but previously only referred to particular sections related to 911s I was considering buying. Now you may write this off as not applicable to you unless you’re in the market for a used 911. […]

Porsche Picture: Customized 911

Check out this car I parked across the street from in the Giveaway Porsche. I was in downtown Portland and had to snap a picture of this beauty. I love the yellow color and yellow accented black rims. Here’s a link to the company highlighted on the lower portion of the car: Matrix Integrated. Looks […]

Ruf Dakara Takes Porsche Cayenne to New Levels

The Porsche Cayenne has become quite the platform for tuners lately. This particular one from Ruf is pretty sweet looking. I especially like the flecked paint. Probably the biggest improvement is the 911 style headlights. Makes the Cayenne look much more like a sibling that belongs in the Porsche lineup. The SUV has a host […]

Porsche 356 Video

I don’t usually get into videos showing a car standing still. I like speed, sound, action, etc. But this one is really well shot in my opinion and the car is too amazing not to show off. This has to go on the ultimate Porsche list of all time.

Weekly Porsche Wrap

Porsche gives pre-Geneva Auto Show look at 3 models in Tunisia – Porsche let representatives of the Tunisian media try out 3 exclusive cars before their official presentation at the International Auto Show in Geneva. The lucky individuals got to drive a Cayenne diesel, new model Boxster and Cayman 987 II. [Via] Sportec Builds […]

My First Time

With all of the 944 “stuff” I’ve been coming across lately, it’s got me to thinking (reminiscing really) about the first time I ever set foot butt in a Porsche. I thought I’d share the brief story with my Porsche “family”. I was 15, had just gotten my learner’s permit, and a friend and I […]

Techart Cayenne Diesel

It must be the day of the Cayenne on today. I just ran across Techart’s version of the Porsche Cayenne Diesel. These guys are makin hay while the sun shines! The customized Cayenne Diesel is going to make its debut at the International Auto Show in Geneva which starts today. The kit comes with […]

Porsche Cayenne Hybrid Details

As mentioned before, Porsche has been hard at work with VW on a hybrid version of the Cayenne. Now we’re starting to see some initial specifications and details of the Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid to be released in 2010. Reports are showing the following highlights: Fuel economy is estimated to be 26mpg or slightly better […]