Porsche Smart Car

With all of the talk about gas saving Porsches like the hybrid, it’s about time someone applied the Smart Car technology and design to our favorite sports cars. Here are a couple of models for your consideration.

The Smorsche:

The Smorsche Targa:


  1. That is quite possibly the most hideous thing i’ve ever seen. The only thing that looks worse is the actual smart car. If the ‘purists’ hate the Cayenne, I can only imagine what they think of this. . .

  2. i like the targa one =)

  3. Is that Bond driving the Targa?

  4. ummmm ewww

  5. Ha! Those are awesome!

  6. I think I’ve seen this car in the Mario Cart games.

  7. AWESOME! It looks like if Ed Roth made a cartoon Porsche and it actually came to life!

  8. Phil Schneider says

    addiction to photoshop

  9. where and who in the United States it sells it? and, price?


  1. […] the initial pictures remind me of the Porsche smart car drawing I published a couple of years ago (Porsche Smart Car). [Via […]