Weekly Porsche Wrap

Porsche will continue to offer manual transmission option – Porsche quelled the fears of many a purist this week. Company CEO Matthias Muller confirmed a manual transmission will continue to be available on the Porsche 911 for as long as there is demand. This makes sense since they did just develop a new seven speed manual transmission for the new 911. I’m still a bit on the fence on the whole PDK vs. manual transmission debate. The PDK is faster, more efficient and world’s ahead of the automatic transmission of yesteryear that never lived up to the challenge. Yet there is something very pure about a manual transmission. I suppose I’m leaning towards PDK for newer cars and enjoying the manual transmission in older cars for that more pure driving experience. [Via Autoblog.com]

New Porsche Museum exhibit highlights works of art on an unusual canvas – For the next four and a half months, the Porsche Museum will be displaying art from artists who have used Porsche hoods as the canvas for their work. Paintings from 19 artists from South America, specifically Uruguay and Argentina, are featured in the exhibit. Argentinian art fanatic Jorge Gómez, the one who came up with the idea, actually fits the car bonnets to his own Porsche 911 GT2 on occasion and takes them for a spin. Pretty cool exhibit. [Source & Image: Press.Porsche.de]

Porsche Cajun appears to be on track for a 2012 debut – Several major car sites have now reported that the Porsche Cajun has been spotted and will make it’s debut in 2012. The baby brother of the Porsche Cayenne, the Cajun is said to come in both three and five door models, have several engine options including a Porsche twin turbo V-6 pumping out more than 350 hp, and possibly even a four or six cylinder diesel option. For some reason the initial pictures remind me of the Porsche smart car drawing I published a couple of years ago (Porsche Smart Car). [Via AutomobileMag.com]

Porsche Design jeans may be just the ticket for the car babe riding next to you – We’ve got booth babes, boat babes, and show babes. It seems Porsche Design is now working to add a new category: car babes. They’ve expanded their line of fashion wear for 2011, providing women with more extensive options. One of the highlights at the recent event in Beverly Hills, Porsche jeans run between $390 and $590, with the “celebrity edition” fetching $900. Guess owning a pair of Porsches isn’t that far fetched after all! [Source & Image: Porsche Design]