My First Time

With all of the 944 “stuff” I’ve been coming across lately, it’s got me to thinking (reminiscing really) about the first time I ever set foot butt in a Porsche. I thought I’d share the brief story with my Porsche “family”.

I was 15, had just gotten my learner’s permit, and a friend and I had snagged her parents’ new Camero with the sweet t-top roof. It was a gorgeous sunny day and, of course, we had the tops off (not ours, the Camero’s).

As we were driving around, somehow we happened upon the Porsche dealership. I’d never really thought much about Porsche, but we swung in to take a look at a couple of the cars on the lot. One thing led to another and the next thing I know, a salesman is pulling around a nearly new 1994 944 that had just come in on trade. I think the car was priced at something like $23,000 (it was in the 20’s).

I was looking in from the passenger’s side and trying to not let my awe show. He kind of sat there staring at me until finally he said “Are you going to get in?” Shocked, my friend Lisa and I just kind of looked at each other. She mumbled something about getting out of there to which I said “Have you ever ridden in a Porsche?! Exactly…Get in!”

So with Lisa stuffed in the back seat, and me riding shotgun, we took off with the saleseman. Again I’m trying not to look like a complete idiot, so I asked the only thing I could think of which was, “You’re a tall man. Do you have enough legroom?” Sounds stupid, I know. He replied, “You’re gonna find out for yourself here in a few minutes.” SAY WHAT?!

As we drove through some back roads in Salem, he sputtered out his usual sales jargon with completely off the wall facts like the steering wheel being shaped the way it was because that’s where the German’s put their hands when they drove (take a look at the old 944 steering wheels…you’ll see how stupid that factoid was/is). He also tried to tell me the parking brake was on the left side of the driver’s seat to make it easier to do power slides.

About 15 minutes after leaving the dealership, he pulled over, got out and I took over the driver’s seat. Keep in mind I only have a learner’s permit! I was taking 25 mph corners at 75 mph. At least that’s what’s stuck in my mind all these years. I don’t think I got up to more than about 90 that day.

I have to say, that first drive left a permanent Porsche impression on me. It started a longstanding love affair with the Porsche brand that kept me wanting a Porsche of my own for over 20 years. Funny how a car can exert such a magical effect over us.

Anyone else have a first time Porsche experience?


  1. Phil Schneider says

    I wish everyone would have a early, positive experience
    with a car like this. Perhaps the driving population would
    be better drivers and appreciate how wonderful well made
    cars actually are.

  2. mitchell says

    isnt it camAro? guess thats how much you think about other cars, lol


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