2013 Could Be This Century’s 1987!

The 80’s was probably one of my favorite decades of my life so far. I discovered Porsche, among other exotic sports cars, drove my first Porsche (when I was 15 no less: My First Time), and saw two of the most amazing cars ever conceived make their debuts. Just to name a few highlights.

Porsche released the Porsche 959 in 1986, with Ferrari answering right back in 1987 with the Ferrari F40. I still remember seeing an F40 pull into a gas station in Germany one day. I could hardly believe my eyes…and ears.

What prompted me to take a trip down memory lane? A 9Magazine.com article a couple of weeks ago. The author mentioned that would could have ourselves a “Back to the Future” year in 2013 with the release of the Porsche 918 Spyder, along with the expected release of the successor to the Ferrari Enzo. Just like with the previous pair from the late 80’s, next year’s supercar, flagship models, promise to push the envelope of performance and technology. They will likely set the standard for not only supercars, but many “lesser” model exotics for years to come.

Quite honestly, I can hardly contain my excitement. I love both Porsche and Ferrari and would happily own models from either company, current or past models. I also look forward to the day I see each car for the first time in person. I know it will be one heck of a sweet moment!

Head over to 9Magazine and read the article: Will 2013 Be 1987 All Over Again? It’s worth the couple of minutes to amp up your imaginative juices a bit!

[Images: BornRich.com]


  1. I remember seeing the F40 for the first time at the Frankfurt auto show in 1987. all of their other cars were in black and the F40 was in red on a turn table. It is truly an icon of the eighties. I recently had the opportunity to go for a ride in the other icon a 959 and I want one more than ever. I have often been disappointed by cars I have dreamed about when given the chance to drive them but not so with the 959 it still holds up all these years later.