Weekly Porsche Wrap

Porsche gives pre-Geneva Auto Show look at 3 models in Tunisia – Porsche let representatives of the Tunisian media try out 3 exclusive cars before their official presentation at the International Auto Show in Geneva. The lucky individuals got to drive a Cayenne diesel, new model Boxster and Cayman 987 II. [Via TunisiaMag.com]

Sportec Builds an Ultimate 911 Turbo – Sportec is one of Switzerland’s premier tuners. They’ve just outdone themselves with a performance kit for the 911 Turbo that boosts output to 858 hp at 650 lb-ft of torque! Those kinds of numbers are good for 0 to 60 in under 3 seconds. Talk about Crazy Fast! The car has also been redesigned from the ground up, with extensive use of carbon fiber and aluminum components for reduced weight. [Via MotorAuthority]

V12 Diesel Porsche Cayenne??? – I’m sure this is ALL nasty rumor, but claims are being laid to first sitings of a test vehicle with the V12 under the hood. Be an interesting option for Porsche Cayenne aficionados. [Via GTSpirit.com]

250,000th Porsche Cayenne rolls off the assembly line – This is a pretty big feat for a little car manufacturer in Germany. The 250,000th Cayenne recently came off the line. The specific car happened to be a 6-cylinder diesel headed for Austria. That’s a heck of a run for an SUV “nobody likes”. [Via AutoBlog.com]

Abandoned Porsche may get towed and crushed – In case you missed the comment by Russ in an earlier post, you gotta check out this story about an abandoned Porsche Carrera. Surely they’re smart enough across the pond to realize they shouldn’t crush this car. [Via GetSurrey.co.uk]


  1. That Sportec 911 is nasty. Outperform the regular SPR1 that does 0-100kmh in 3 flat? The biggest problem is probably going to be keeping it on the ground. How many of the 10 do you think will be totaled within the first year (if anyone actually drives them)?

  2. 858 hp @ 650 lb-ft of torque?? really? i think there comes a point of no return doesn’t there? at that kind of power you are breaking your passengers neck.

  3. I’ll take the abandoned one if they’re just going to crush it!

  4. I think i’ll give them a call about the abandoned Porsche pretty sure I can’t remember where I left mine over there in Europe

  5. How come there are never abandoned 911’s where I live? I always see abandoned Geo Metros, ha!