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3 Steps To Proper Mirror Adjustment

This may sound like a little bit of an odd post, but bear with me. I think you’ll find it useful no matter what you drive and it might even end up making you a better driver. This all came about as I was hopping in the car (not the Porsche thankfully), in the passenger […]

Tempting Porsches #10

Tempting Porsche #1 I’ve always been a 944 fan. Probably because that’s the first Porsche I ever rode in and the first one I ever drove. So it won’t be a surprise that the first Tempting Porsche is a 944. But not just any 944, it’s a 944 Turbo S. This actually IS a rare […]

Lost Your Porsche 911?

What do all of these things have in common? They were all left at Travelodge hotels during 2008. So if you’re looking for your keys to your Porsche 911, yep, maybe you left them at the Travelodge. As it turns out the company is taking a bite out of the upscale hospitality business. Or at […]

“Fake” Porsche 911

This was a pretty cool video. It was made by a creative company to showcase their CG (computer generated) skills. Why a Porsche? “We chose the Porsche since we…just like Porsches!” The video took 4 months to make with some of the frames taking as long as 4 weeks to render. Simply amazing work and […]

Weekly Porsche Wrap

The Gold-plated Porsche – Evidently this has been around for a bit, but I just stumbled across it and figured it had to be reported on here along with a pic. I don’t really have anything to say other than “sweet mama!” [Via] Two Porsche RS Spyders to Compete at Le Mans – For […]