“Fake” Porsche 911

This was a pretty cool video. It was made by a creative company to showcase their CG (computer generated) skills. Why a Porsche? “We chose the Porsche since we…just like Porsches!”

The video took 4 months to make with some of the frames taking as long as 4 weeks to render. Simply amazing work and people with a heck of a lot more patience than I have.


  1. that is just amazing!!! 4 weeks for some of the frames?? no thank you. i’m glad somebody has the patience.

  2. That’s pretty darn impressive.

  3. Now can they digitally put me in the car so I can drive it around?

    • Now THAT would be cool. Send in a picture and create a video of you riding around in the car including your responses to the ride.

  4. mitchell says

    very cool. its even better than a video game.