Porsche Driver Training Options

Everyone wants to be a better driver. Actually, every Porsche enthusiast wants to be a better driver. That’s probably more accurate. I think it comes with the territory when you love Porsche cars. Largely because driver training often comes with the opportunity to go fast in a controlled environment (or at least that’s how it […]

Are You A Flasher?

I’m a guy who likes comraderee (WordPress is trying to tell me that’s not even a word!). One of the mystiques of the Porsche brand, for me, was the kinship that you share with other Porsche owners. The one or two finger wave. Flashing your lights. Giving a little honk on the horn. It was […]

3 Steps To Proper Mirror Adjustment

This may sound like a little bit of an odd post, but bear with me. I think you’ll find it useful no matter what you drive and it might even end up making you a better driver. This all came about as I was hopping in the car (not the Porsche thankfully), in the passenger […]