Lost Your Porsche 911?

What do all of these things have in common? They were all left at Travelodge hotels during 2008. So if you’re looking for your keys to your Porsche 911, yep, maybe you left them at the Travelodge.

As it turns out the company is taking a bite out of the upscale hospitality business. Or at least attracting some upscale clientèle. This can be seen in some of the things being left at the chain’s locations by guests:

  • 2 sets of keys for a Porsche 911 (not sure where the car was at)
  • Diamond Rolex watch
  • American Express Centurion Card (Black Card)
  • Wedding Dress left hanging on the back of a bathroom door
  • Pet lizard called Humphrey (not expensive, just weird)

What’s one of the strangest things people have forgotten to take with them? A show jumping horse. That’s right, a horse! The owners left the horse in his trailer parked in the hotel parking lot. The apparently were 30 minutes away before they remembered they’d left the horse behind.

[Via Telegraph.co.uk]


  1. i could see leaving the credit card, the dress well the bride had other things on her mind, keys i don’t have a clue since usually it takes keys to drive a car, the horse i’m still trying to think how they forgot that, and the rolex either they have multiples or they had a really rough night. those are sure weird things to leave

  2. I would take that american express black card and buy a 911 😀

  3. So how drunk does one have to be to leave the keys to a car like that and not go back for them? The card is easy. i am going to assume that the marriage is not working out so well. Now the Horse, thats just weird. A dog maybe but a horse?

  4. a black card left at a travelodge???
    How did that person get a black card in the first place!!

  5. Wow, all four of those things are mine.. I can’t believe I left them at the Travelodge.

  6. So after the people who left the horse were 30 minutes away, did they decide that was too far away to go back and get it? ha.

  7. I can’t believe anyone would be so stupid. I left a loaded Glock in a hotel.

  8. the reason why these people didn’t go back is because they were ashamed that they stayed at a travelodge. maybe they are nicer in other areas but where i live they aren’t

  9. They may have left the keys, but they sure didn’t leave the car!! 🙂

  10. travelodge gives good breakfast

  11. After having horses in the past I know why they left it there. THEY DID IT ON PURPOSE!!!

  12. mitchell says

    hmm, maybe the car was stolen… or “stolen” for insurance purposes….