Techart Cayenne Diesel

It must be the day of the Cayenne on today. I just ran across Techart’s version of the Porsche Cayenne Diesel. These guys are makin hay while the sun shines!

The customized Cayenne Diesel is going to make its debut at the International Auto Show in Geneva which starts today. The kit comes with a Techart Aerokit 1 body consisting of a front bumper, new side sills, rear roof spoiler and a new rear bumper that also contains an integrated aesthetic diffuser. No data on engine performance yet, but I’m sure it won’t be disappointing.

Pretty sexy looking ride, especially with those Formula light alloy wheels. I bet the darker colors look amazing.



  1. Wow that looks like something straight off pimp my ride. Wonder if the Cayenne will replace the Escalade as the SUV of choice per gangster rappers.

  2. probably wouldn’t be the best to take to the mountain for skiing

  3. Bow wow wow yippie yo yippie yea. This is such a hip hop mobile. I dig it.

  4. what is this again?
    what a disaster

  5. i don’t think it looks like an suv, i know everybody will hate on me but i think it looks like a really good lookin station wagon

  6. I should probably post this in the travelodge discussion but this is the most recent.

    They will CRUSH the porsche if it doesnt get picked up by the owner!!

    No auction no nothing? argh

  7. hmm, i guess people have no problems with the Porsche getting crushed!

  8. They can just give the car to me instead of crushing it. I’ll even pay for shipping and handling 😀

  9. That car is awesome.

  10. mitchell says

    what i can say is like that all white look. i guess id have to drive it to see how it handled, but it probably wouldnt be first choice for this class.