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Next Gen Porsche Speedster

I’m venturing to guess that I’m not the only one who loved the movie Top Gun.  I’d also be willing to bet that the movie propelled the 356 Speedster into more hearts than just mine (even though it WAS a replica). I remember thinking “I love this car!” every time I saw the movie. At […]

Tempting Porsches #3

In this latest installment of tempting Porsches, I have only one that really made the list. I’m sure I’ll be called crazy for even mentioning this as a real temptation. All I can say is it’s a dang good thing I have no place to actually put this project car, because I was ready to […]

Porsche Trade: Steinway for Porsche???

In keeping with the interesting things people want to trade for a Porsche and for their Porsche, I ran across probably one of the strangest to date.  Here’s how the ad reads: Would you be interested in trading your car for a Steinway grand? High end only.  Audi/BMW or Porsche. Given the potentially high prices […]

Diesel Boxster

I’ve gotta be honest, I don’t get this one.  Diesel Boxster?  A Cayenne I can kind of see.  Really, they can do whatever they want to the Cayenne.  I don’t like them to begin with.  But the Boxster?!  I actually like those. It looks like we may be seeing the Diesel Boxster as soon as […]

E-Porsche…Silent but Deadly

We’ve seen some electric Porsches surface from time to time. Well meaning Porsche enthusiasts applying their engineering prowess and desire to greenify our favorite brand. Everything from 914s to 944s and 911s to 356s have been electrified by “green” Porscheophiles. At least they’re doing something reasonable with their Porsches unlike the Porsche 928 Pickup conversion. […]

Daily Entertainment – Courtesy of

I’ve been stuck inside for several days now. We have snow all over the ground, that has since turned to icy slush, and now it’s snowing again. We Oregonians can live with rain for 100+ days straight, but a few flakes start to fall, heck even the mention of the word “snow” and we start […]

Porsche 998 Turbo: Where’s the Tail? has some decent spy photos of the latest 911 Turbo set to hit dealerships in mid-2010. I know it’s undercover and whatnot, but where’s the classic Turbo spoiler on the back? Of course the car will be fast and filled with all of the latest technology we’ve come to expect from Porsche, but am […]

Porsche 962 Video

The video features a Porsche 962. Some great footage on scenic track. Wouldn’t it be great to have access to a track like that for your every day drivers?! My daughter would love the vertical doors.

Old vs. New: 911 Turbo

Although not the most informative or detailed road/track test video you’ll come across, a pretty cool video showing a current model Porsche 911 Turbo (2008 997 model) versus an older model (1995 993 model). A couple of cool tracks shots to watch for. I’m such a sucker for a 911 Turbo of ANY year.

Weekly Porsche Wrap

Here are a few Porsche related posts I read over the last week that I found interesting.  All of them are worth a read! 4 Steps to Winterize Your Porsche John over at (soon to be had a great post on winterizing your Porsche.  If you live in an area with heavy winter […]