Old vs. New: 911 Turbo

Although not the most informative or detailed road/track test video you’ll come across, a pretty cool video showing a current model Porsche 911 Turbo (2008 997 model) versus an older model (1995 993 model). A couple of cool tracks shots to watch for. I’m such a sucker for a 911 Turbo of ANY year.


  1. i personally would go for the 95 model. i feel that that is “the” classic look for porsche. plus that blue color is bad ass

  2. I would have to go with the 997 in this comparison. I just can’t do the light blue color and I do love the yellow. The performnace of the 997 is pretty incredible too. Now that said, if they would have had a ‘typical’ red turbo I may have chosen that one.

  3. If i had to decide, I would snap…cant do it! I need both 🙂

  4. fun way to spend an afternoon.

  5. Phil Schneider says

    I do like the look of the older models but the new ones
    are so well behaved and fast. either would put a huge
    grin on my face

  6. Yeah, the older ones just have that look that you can’t duplicate. They are awesome.

  7. just shows that porsche doesn’t stop trying to improve!