Diesel Boxster

I’ve gotta be honest, I don’t get this one.  Diesel Boxster?  A Cayenne I can kind of see.  Really, they can do whatever they want to the Cayenne.  I don’t like them to begin with.  But the Boxster?!  I actually like those.

It looks like we may be seeing the Diesel Boxster as soon as 2011. Maybe Porsche is going after the coveted sports car as towing vehicle market. Check out TopSpeed.com for more info.


  1. mitchell says

    never been a fan of diesel, though i wish someone would make a truly hybrid engine that could run on lots of different things – for the sake of getting off foreign oil and maybe helping out the environment.

  2. Yeah that doesnt sit right at all! I love the Boxster and if was buying one new, I wouldnt be checking off this option! (lets hope its an option!)

  3. Phil Schneider says

    I guess it would have heaps of torque and
    get good gas mileage.