Next Gen Porsche Speedster

I’m venturing to guess that I’m not the only one who loved the movie Top Gun.  I’d also be willing to bet that the movie propelled the 356 Speedster into more hearts than just mine (even though it WAS a replica). I remember thinking “I love this car!” every time I saw the movie. At one point I started searching trying to figure out what kind of car it was as I was still relatively new to Porsches back then.

Since that movie, I’ve loved 356 Speedsters and couldn’t believe it when Porsche unveiled a 911 Speedster at the 1988 Franfurt Auto Show. With only 2100 built, and only 800 of which came to America, it’s been rare to see one for sale.  I’ve only seen maybe one or two 911 Speedsters in person. I’d still love to find one to own someday provided you could pick it up for a reasonable price.

When I started seeing spy photos of the 998 Speedster, it reminded me of my love for the Speedster as a Porsche icon over the years. The Speedster name is used on convertibles with cut-down windshields, lowered roofs and stripped-down interiors. With the last publicly available Speedster being available about 15 years ago, this would be a very desirable and potentially collectible must-have model.

I’m hoping we’ll see a new Speedster model in the lineup before long.  If you’d like to see some more photos, Autoweek has some cool spy photos and a few thoughts on the latest Speedster rendition.


  1. you got me ryan. this is that post you kept talking about. this is my first time reading it so i’m sorry to “copy” the info about the speedster in one of your other posts, i think it was the one about favorite porsche ever

  2. i need another update on this car coming out. i’m getting antsy

  3. btw great shot from top gun

  4. The speedster is a really cool idea. I can’t wait until this car comes out. I wouldn’t mind if i only go to take a test drive. The speedster sounds like it would be a fun car to drive.

  5. Galen Wood says

    i’m not sure how much i like that, but i suppose it’s better than some. so short.

  6. before the speedster is released i think a slant nose option should become available

  7. I think that would be really cool if they released a speedster. It would be something fresh that people will love.

  8. looks great, and I agree it would give a new look that would be popular among the people who think the 911 hasn’t changed over the past few years

  9. I like!

  10. It would be so cool if they could go retro-mod. Although i can clearly see this spy photo showing a gorgeous desirable car (yes i`ll take one!)…It seems like the speedster name is just being re-used instead of representing heritage.

  11. I’m undecided if I like this?

  12. Phil Schneider says

    I like the look of the late 80’s speedster better
    but it’s still quite nice and I bet it would be a
    hoot to drive around a track.

  13. The old Speedsters have so much style and class. I’m just not feeling the love with the next gen Speedster.

  14. I love the 356!

  15. The classics are the best!

  16. I would like to see a photo with the top down

  17. should do it;very nice!

  18. instant classic.

  19. the 356 was pretty close to perfection

  20. Top Gun was one of my favorite movies for a long time. I really liked the fighter jet scenes, but I also vividly remember the Porsche and loved seeing it in a movie.

  21. The beauty of the majesty of that car in that movie is completely ruined by the fact that it is not really a Porsche at all. It is a fake. Director Tony Scott should never have let that thing on the set, next they will start using paper mache jets in the scenes. It is like a fake diamond, is anyone impressed with a fake gem? These cars are no different, they are to be appreciated for what they are, pieces of automotive history. Just because it looks like it does not make it as cherished. If you look really close at the front bumper, it is also askew? More evidence of cheap quality and poor manufacturing. It was a great movie, it is just less wonderful to know that the director and the prop guys did not even car to use the real article. Any Porsche 356 owner back in the day would have surely let Kelly McGillis drive around in their loaner car for those same shots and it would have been real.