Porsche 998 Turbo: Where’s the Tail?

CarSpyPhotos.com has some decent spy photos of the latest 911 Turbo set to hit dealerships in mid-2010. I know it’s undercover and whatnot, but where’s the classic Turbo spoiler on the back? Of course the car will be fast and filled with all of the latest technology we’ve come to expect from Porsche, but am I the only one that wishes the tail was getting bigger and the rear fenders even more flared? I miss the Turbo styling of old.

It’s interesting, I was talking with a sales guy today at a local high end sports car dealership about Ferraris and he had similar feelings about earlier model Ferraris versus the later models. The later models just don’t have the seem styling appeal as the more classic models. I’m sure it’s a bit of living in the past and loving most the models you grew up on. What’s crazy is as much as I love the later model styling of cars and especially the creature comforts of newer cars, looking at several different Ferrari models today side by side, I could completely understand what the salesman was saying.

Back on topic…I’m sure the new 998 Turbo will kick butt and I can’t wait to see the specs and the final production release pictures.


  1. if there is no more whale tail that’ll be a sad day for all porsche fans

  2. No whale tail is like a Countach with no delta wing. Needs to be!

  3. I agree w/ Brad on this one!

  4. I definitely think that the camo is making the tail look smaller than it is. I have faith that those Porsche engineers arent gonna make it smaller!

  5. I need the tail

  6. Phil Schneider says

    The rims on my MV Agusta F4 1000 have a similar
    spoke pattern and color. Very nice.

  7. thought it was another death race car.hard to see much.

  8. Give me some tail……. Yeah, love the whale tail.

  9. Phil Schneider says

    They better work on that tail

  10. Nick Pisano says

    I can’t believe im the only one thats heard this…
    As of all turbo prototypes, the air intakes are non functoning.

    Plus, thats thats not the wing… that is just hiding the wing haha