Tempting Porsches #3

In this latest installment of tempting Porsches, I have only one that really made the list. I’m sure I’ll be called crazy for even mentioning this as a real temptation. All I can say is it’s a dang good thing I have no place to actually put this project car, because I was ready to go take ownership this afternoon after talking to the guy on the phone. There’s just something about a 911 Turbo that mesmerizes me and makes me think irrationally.

After all, even if I DID have the space for this car, I am about as mechanically inclined as an ape. I fancy myself a decent driver, but any “car” skills I have don’t extend past the driver’s seat.

Here’s the car for this week:

This was the ad on Craigslist.com:

2005 Silver Porsche Turbo near complete body, interior, suspension, etc…

Have the bumpers… needs lights & fenders…

Does that sound like a dream come true or what?! When I talked to the owner on the phone, he had no clue what he even wanted for the car. He kept asking me what I wanted to pay for it. He alluded to around the $10k to $15k mark. Course the car is in pieces and it sounds like the motor is blown.

…if only I had the space…


  1. If there was no serious structural damage to this car that would probably be a good deal. Definitely worth considering if you have the time and the money to fix this one up.


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