Inexpensive Porsches Video

Click image to watch YouTube Video

Click image to watch YouTube Video

It’s like a wine lover looking for that sub-$5 bottle of wine that competes with the big boys. Who doesn’t want a deal on a used exotic sports car? You may recall my near purchase experience with a 911 Turbo a few weeks ago (Tempting Porsches #3).

I just ran across a show TopGear did challenging 3 of it’s cast to find a Porsche for £1500. The 924, 944 and 928 they ended up with prove to be very interesting.  They even take the cars to the track to do some informal testing. Interesting what the outcome is from buying a cheap Porsche.

For some reason shows like this feed the near lifelong dream of coming across an exotic like a Porsche for next to no money. Unfortunately rarely do you not get what you pay for.


  1. i think if you go Porsche – you go big. otherwise, to me, its like you’re just posing. might as well just stick a porsche emblem on your rx7 or something, lol.

  2. Just getting a Porsche would be cool. Getting a 911 Turbo or better would be unbelievable.