Infiniti’s New Selling Tactic: Remove the Obstacles

Actually an Infiniti dealer in Denver, Colorado is giving new meaning to “remove the obstacles” in it’s sales process of new Infiniti cars. An employee claims he was asked by his boss to steal a customer’s Porsche Cayman. Say what?! The plan was actually pretty simple. The Porsche Cayman, whose owner was sick of making […]

Restored 1963 Porsche with Sentimental Value – Destroyed in Seconds

This was a pretty sad story, on a number of fronts. Yet it draws a valuable conclusion that makes you stop and think about the stuff we collect and hold dear. Here’s a snippet from the story: It was June 14, 2000, — the hottest day of the year in Lodi. The mercury had climbed […]

Old 911 Collection Pictures

About 2 weeks ago I posted about an old 911 collection a guy named John Small has accumulated in a small town in Wyoming. The collection is housed in an old Ford Dealership and includes just over 50 “complete” cars at various stages of restoration. Here’s a link to the post in case you missed […]

My Freaking Amazing Experience in the 911 Porsche Giveaway Car

Today we decided to get someone else’s take on what it was like to drive the Giveaway Porsche. So we surprised Deanna, who works in our office, with the keys and sent her on her way. Below are her thoughts on the drive. Waking up this morning, I didn’t think I would be able to […]

Ultimate Old 911 “Collection”

I was on a flight last week and happened to pull out an older issue of Total 911 magazine from a few months ago. I had read most of it, but still had a few articles to finish up. I got lost in a story I ended up re-reading called Ultimate Barn Find. These stories […]

Reader Porsche Story

This story comes from James. One of those stories we can all identify with. So last night I was leaving my house to drive to pick up my sister and her friend from a brew fest. I wasn’t really excited because I’d have two intoxicated, annoying girls in my car for a long drive. I […]

Reader Porsche Story

This Porsche story comes from “J”. It’s a future story we hope comes true! The dream: The vacation trip to Nirvana would be with my husband in a new concept Porsche Panamera 4-door driving the California Coastal, up through Oregon, Washington, on into Canada to Vancouver stopping at every good Bed and Breakfast, micro brew […]

Reader Porsche Story

This story comes from Casey. A little more info on his 944 and a near death experience! So you all know about my 944, well recently i had to reseal the fuel injectors. I thought it was the only thing needing to be fixed at the time. But boy was i wrong. It turns out […]

Reader Porsche Story

This story cracked me up. It comes from Galen. This is the story of how I came to be a Porsche 911 fan. I started playing Need for Speed: Most Wanted on the playstation 1, and you get to pick the 911 early in the game. I raced it, and in an attempt to get […]

Reader Porsche Story

Here’s our first reader submitted Porsche story. It’s a great one from Casey. Ever since I was a little boy I have always had a love for Porsche.  My family is originally from Baden-Württemberg, Germany (the German State where Porsche is located). When I was 17, I could only dream of owning a 1980s 911 […]