Old 911 Collection Pictures

About 2 weeks ago I posted about an old 911 collection a guy named John Small has accumulated in a small town in Wyoming. The collection is housed in an old Ford Dealership and includes just over 50 “complete” cars at various stages of restoration. Here’s a link to the post in case you missed it: Ultimate Old 911 “Collection”

The fine folks over at FlatSixes.com read the post and offered to put me in touch with Kevin Gosselin who wrote the article. (Thanks guys!) After a quick email to Kevin, he responded with permission to post a few pictures not used in the magazine article. These give a much better visual of what the barn contained, not to mention more fodder for my imaginative tendencies to really get out of control.




These pictures are just of a corner of the warehouse not shown in the mag. Still blows my mind what one guy has sitting in an old building in a little town.

Check out Kevin’s blog for other Porsche related stuff and other great pictures: KevinGosselin.blogspot.com. Also, Kevin has a book out that’s a fictional story about a Porsche car. It’s called Hunt for 901. Click on that link to buy it from Amazon. I just ordered a copy myself, so I’ll post a review once I’ve read it.


  1. What a collection!!!

  2. good for him;nice collection.

  3. mitchell says

    thats cool. if i owned all of those i would be doing something with them.

  4. that guy had better get to work on those soon, it’s going to take him forever

  5. It is amazing what one guy has collected, it is also very cool. Let us know how the book reads.

  6. That is so cool, Rows of 911`s . Imagine seeing every last one of them back to running. Its a good thing we have some folks who hoard things. This is good for all the 911`s and those of us that appreciate old ones!

  7. I get excited when I go to the junkyard to grab some parts for cars when I work on them. It would be amazing to have a place like this to rebuild Porsches. Awesome.

  8. wonder how many he has.

  9. Phil Schneider says

    I know the new ones do everything better
    but I think the older ones look better

  10. lots of cars, I didn’t see any lifts in the pictures, hope he has at least one

  11. Realistically, how many can he restore at once. Maybe two or three max, so that is going to take him many years, wow.

  12. One word here.. Shamwow. Someone needs to wash these car.

  13. I’d love to drive each one of these cars. What a fun week that would be!

  14. so ryan does this beat finding an old 356 in a barn?

    • Not really for me. I still think finding an old piece of history like a 356 would be tons cooler than a big collection of half put together cars. Once you get more than 5 or 6 cars in a collection, I think it’d get pretty tough to truly enjoy each one regularly. IMO, you should rotate your cars if there are others you’d like to have or own for a while.

  15. Again… a problem I’d love to have.

  16. @Ryan – yeah, way too much work…if you’ve ever poppet the rear lid on a 911 and looked at how the motor is shoe-horned in there…no thanks. Much rather work on a 924/928/944/968.

    @Jeremy – gonna need a bigger shamwow

  17. Does size matter in the shamwow category??

  18. I’d take any one of those little guys!

  19. well ryan i can’t say who it is in this comment but i walked into the garage of a friend and he had under a cover a 63 356c. my jaw dropped. it was probably as close as i’m coming to finding a barn porsche

  20. wonder if he plans to restore or just collect?

  21. I sure hope he plans on restoring and displaying.. this would be a great museum for porsche fans.

  22. Oh to have the time to work on a collection like this.

  23. And/or the money Roger. 🙂

  24. I was at the shop today looking at a 1990 Carerra 2. They were doing a tune-up…they said it would take them a few hours just to change the spark plugs. Nothing is easy to reach on these cars, so when I see a whole bunch of them that need fixing, I get dizzy.

  25. Phil Schneider says

    I think these cars want to go outside and play.

  26. Having just restored an Austin Healey that sat undriven for 30 years, I can’t imagine that any of those cars will run. How many sacks of money will it take to restore any one of them. Window seals, tires and upholstery rot and everything else turns to you know what! There is a fortune sitting there. A car is a live thing that has to be driven and serviced frequently. I would rather have a few, like two or three, well-preserved old cars that have the “Wow” effect when people see them, than a barn full of “could-be’s”. Did anyone see the Oprah show with the woman that had two warehouses of “stuff” in her home, along with rats, mold and vermin. She went shopping every day. Very sick!


  1. […] Okay, okay, one more thing. I told you there was a lot going on. Ryan, over at PorschePerfect.com just posted some never before seen pictures on a Porsche barn find of immense proportions. Some of you may remember the article from Total911 Magazine by Kevin Gosselin of Hunt for 901 fame. Well, these pictures were not published in the magazine article and Kevin was kind enough to let Ryan use them on his site. Click here to check it out. […]