Reader Porsche Story

This story cracked me up. It comes from Galen.

This is the story of how I came to be a Porsche 911 fan. I started playing Need for Speed: Most Wanted on the playstation 1, and you get to pick the 911 early in the game.

I raced it, and in an attempt to get away from a cop hit a fence at 120 mph or so. The car flew in the air and did at least 30 flips, and I had plenty of time to reflect on how beautiful it was as it hung in the air before it cam crashing down.

I’ve never seen one in real life, so that is my only experience with a Porsche and why I really need to win this contest.

My question is, where in the country could you live that you wouldn’t come across at least one Porsche at some time or another?


  1. I’m spending some time in Eastern Texas right now and I’m fairly certain that you could go a lifetime here without ever even hearing of a Porsche. 🙂

  2. i remember playing that game and doing the same thing. it was so much fun since there wasn’t any whip lash from the wreck.

  3. Well, if your going to crash a Porsche its best to do it in a video game rather than real life.

  4. alaska comes to mind – probably lots of rural-ish places up north that have bad roads because of the extreme weather conditions (which would also be bad on the car).

  5. yes jeremy that was a good thing to point out, way to state the obvious

  6. Please Galen, If you do win, Try not to outrun any cops! It nevers ends up well! Please refer to “The worlds most outrageous Police chases caught on tape” Its usually a 1989 S10 that everyone uses for that 🙂

  7. Yeah, I am pretty sure there are not too many Porsches in Alaska. Although we have seen some driving in the snow in some of the videos posted on this site.

  8. hmm, havent seen a porsche? Why none of the other cars in need for speed. I remember that game…too bad the sequels have sucked.

  9. russ i agree with you. that game was SOOO awesome and all the others sucked in comparison. i thought all the cheat codes for the game really made it special

  10. @Brad – your post made me lol. It does always seem to be a 1989 S10 doesn’t it? Usually with a stolen air compressor or something in the back too.