Reader Porsche Story

This Porsche story comes from “J”. It’s a future story we hope comes true!

The dream: The vacation trip to Nirvana would be with my husband in a new concept Porsche Panamera 4-door driving the California Coastal, up through Oregon, Washington, on into Canada to Vancouver stopping at every good Bed and Breakfast, micro brew pub, beach and winery along the way (allowing time to detox of course – no drink and drive in this new age treasure!).

Loads of high caliber driving, meeting interesting people, hiking, Rest & Relaxation and … more 😉 The increased fuel efficiency will spare the wallet and lend itself to more spontaneous sidetrips and exploring. The toughest part I envision will be to develop a polite but effective exit strategy when strangers dash up and start asking questions and are reluctant to see the Pamera and its owners bid adieu!

Sounds good to me!


  1. That sounds like it would be an amazing vacation! Good story J.

  2. Ha! What a great vacation.

  3. wow…unique

  4. mitchell says

    since it is a dream – you can hire a group of people to handle crowd control and stuff, lol.