Reader Porsche Story

This story comes from Casey. A little more info on his 944 and a near death experience!

So you all know about my 944, well recently i had to reseal the fuel injectors. I thought it was the only thing needing to be fixed at the time. But boy was i wrong. It turns out i have an exhaust leak too, and it is pouring all of the fumes right into the cab of the car. So after a good long ride in the rain with the windows up i became really sick. Turns out my 944 tried to kill me by giving me Carbon Monoxide Poisoning. I was in a desperate houswife’s rolling suicide box and i didn’t even know it.

Casey, you might have singlehandedly cured any desire I’ve had to buy an old Porsche to work on!


  1. Dang Casey, that is just scary! Glad you are ok.

  2. well casey i hate to say it but you may have bitten off more than you can chew. i hope everything goes well for you

  3. Yeah, glad to hear you made it through.
    Some pics of the beast would still be nice! 🙂

  4. Sounds like the beginnings of a Prime time soap opera.

  5. mitchell says

    that sucks. but what better way to go than in a Porsche! 🙂