My Freaking Amazing Experience in the 911 Porsche Giveaway Car

Today we decided to get someone else’s take on what it was like to drive the Giveaway Porsche. So we surprised Deanna, who works in our office, with the keys and sent her on her way. Below are her thoughts on the drive.


Waking up this morning, I didn’t think I would be able to write this post. In fact I never really thought I would ever be able to say that I drove a Porsche. I mean after all it’s my daughter’s birthday today, not mine. But thanks to my very nice bosses, who showed great confidence in me by handing me the keys to the Porsche 911 Cabriolet, I fulfilled a dream of mine to drive a very fast car.

I was a bit nervous to get in the car, but after the first few minutes and understanding of the gears, it felt like I was meant to be in the car. Ok so maybe that’s pushing it a bit but WOW, just getting on it a little pushes your body back against the seat like nobodies business and that feeling is so freaking amazing. At one point I took it to 103, and whipped my hands in the air and of course did the girly thing and screamed. At that point I think I made my passenger a little nervous. Oh did I mention the top was down? So you add that into the equation and you know what I am talking about – total sexiness in one little fast car.

I never thought I was one of those people that would like fast cars until about a month ago when I was taken out in this same car for a drive. I loved how it made me feel so free and exhilarating. Its something that can’t be explained, you just have to experience it.

So get out there and experience it, and yes I’m talking to you too Paul!


  1. sounds like it was fun D.

    so ryan,
    can i apply to work for you and paul for a day so i can drive the car but still be able to be in the contest?

    • @James – Sorry, that would make you an employee and void any entries. However if you want to do it, that would make a HECK of a blog post and Paul and I are all for it.

  2. Deanna, are you saying that at 103 you took your hands off the steering wheel? If so, that is awesome!

    I can’t wait to drive this vehicle on a daily basis.

  3. I am intrigued by the two figures being reflected in the body of the Porsche. Are those ‘the partners’?

  4. Good for Deanna! Thats an experience everyone who desires it should have!…..and what great bosses for making it happen! 🙂

  5. 103 mph, or Rte 103 ?

  6. Awesome! Sounds like Deanna had a great time.

    Maybe a bit concerning after those accident links I posted yesterday though: “…took it to 103, and whipped my hands in the air…”
    Yikes! Glad to hear that she and the P made it back safely.

  7. Sounds like a sweet ride. I love driving with the top down. Can’t wait to drive the Giveaway Porsche. Yahoooo!

  8. @ruthless bookie it was 103 mph and @ Jeremy yes i took my hands off the steering wheel at 103 – they may never let me drive it again after knowing that.

  9. hopefully Deanna wasn’t in 2nd gear when she did that…3rd, not so bad

  10. yes ryan that would make a great blog post but i don’t think i want to void the thousands of entries i have. sorry to you others, you really have NO chance.
    if i get a porsche before the drawing than yes i’ll come apply for a job and see how the ’99 performs

  11. What a great experience! My bosses have yet to let me do something like this!

  12. At 103 mph,in comparison, i am certain that this fine car is as stable as a slot car and taking ones hands off for a second is not as frightening as doing so in your average minivan that handles as though a giant barn door is strapped to the front at that speed 🙂

  13. mitchell says

    hey! dont be letting just anyone drive my future car!! 🙂

  14. @James – I say go for it! (this has nothing to be w/ you being immediately disqualified either). 🙂

  15. You look like an innocent young woman, Deanna, but since you are willing to do 103, you must have the need for speed. Maybe you should get into racing.

  16. thanks andrew but i’ll take the risk and stay in the running

  17. Jeff, this isn’t the forum for your pickup lines.

  18. Umm, is anyone else just a bit uncomfortable with the way Dianna drove their future car? 🙂

  19. that would be a great prize to win. I’ll keep
    my fingers crossed.

  20. jeremy,
    i’m not really uncomfortable with the way she drove the car because i know that ryan has done crazier things with the 911

  21. andrew,
    that was a good @ jeff, no more pick up lines!!!

  22. I was kind to that car, no worries but is anyone else uncomfortable with how Jeremy spelled my name?

  23. Terri ( future porsche winner ) says

    Deanna ~ WOW ~ you look hot in that car!!! You would look better behind the wheel of a red one cuz the black one’s mine.

  24. I’m not much for details DEANNA.

  25. deanna,
    isn’t that how the princess of england spelled her name? if so i’d take that as a compliment.
    plus i don’t know if terri is a guy or a girl due to the name but i think “she’s” or “he’s” talking quite a bit of smack to all of us “future winners.


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