Reader Porsche Story

Here’s our first reader submitted Porsche story. It’s a great one from Casey.

Ever since I was a little boy I have always had a love for Porsche.  My family is originally from Baden-Württemberg, Germany (the German State where Porsche is located). When I was 17, I could only dream of owning a 1980s 911 Turbo, My Dream Car.  However, I live in the back woods of South Carolina, so the pickings of Porsches were slim… well bare.  There were all of 3 older 911s in my area and they all had “sentimental value”.  Of course if I had this car, I wouldn’t want to give it up either.

Well as I was driving on a back road one day something caught my eye, the world famous Porsche Logo.  However, it wasn’t like anything I had seen before.  This is when I learned about the 944.  It isn’t my favorite model, but it was a Porsche.  I snagged it for only a few hundred dollars and some other automotive work for the owner.  It was sitting there, rotting, for a good 15 years.  The odometer stopped working at 80004, so I have no clue of the actual mileage, and all of the seals were shot.

After spending an extra 50 bucks for a DME Relay and some other various parts she came to life.  Since then I have replaced all of the seals, done the routine maintenance to get the car back up to speed, and I am now rebuilding the interior.  I already have more than double my money into it, and more man-hours than I knew I had.

I am nowhere near done, and it is my daily driver… So I am not the most comfortable being I have no AC or heat right now.  Oh, and it has a nice shade of faded red paint, so the ladies aren’t exactly flocking to “the guy with the Porsche” just yet.  I have big plans for this car, and I still have a long way to go.  Hopefully I will get done soon, as long as it doesn’t kill me first.

Thanks for sharing your experience Casey!


  1. A good driver that you work on to its way to perfection beats just having an open checkbook….Because this is where you build that sentimental value!

  2. That is a great starting point. You have to start somewhere. You are one step ahead of me because I don’t have my first Porsche, but I will have one in the next year or so.

  3. Great story Casey. Wish you would have attached a pic of your ride so that Ryan could have posted that too.