Infiniti’s New Selling Tactic: Remove the Obstacles

Actually an Infiniti dealer in Denver, Colorado is giving new meaning to “remove the obstacles” in it’s sales process of new Infiniti cars. An employee claims he was asked by his boss to steal a customer’s Porsche Cayman. Say what?!

The plan was actually pretty simple. The Porsche Cayman, whose owner was sick of making monthly payments for the car, goes away freeing him up to buy a new Infiniti from the dealer. BAM! The way is paved for a sale. “Genious” you might say. Well, until the employee refuses and gets fired.

His boss even told him it wouldn’t count as theft because the keys would be left in the vehicle. Really doesn’t even come close to adding up or making any logical sense whatsoever. Now the dealership is claiming that the fired employee was actually responsible for 5 cars that disappeared from the lot. I’d hate to be the judge on that case.

All of this reminds me of an experience my parents had with a new Toyota Camry they bought new a few years ago. One morning, about 2 months after buying the car, they climbed in to drive my mom to work and my dad says “Uh, there’s no steering wheel.” Turns out someone had come during the night and stripped specific parts from the car. Like they were looking to fill a particular parts list.

The car wasn’t trashed and things like the stereo were not taken. It was obvious that professional thieves or mechanics did the work since it was meticulously done. Of course no prints or any other evidence left. We’ve always wondered if the dealership had some part in the theft either for themselves or were supplying info to other shops. Makes you wonder.


  1. wtf?

    a) probably shouldn’t be buying a new infiniti if you can’t hack the cayman payments

    2) i wonder if the other 5 cars were customer cars or dealership cars

    c) i would love to be the judge on this case

    d) what, no link?

  2. Was part of the deal that the employee got to keep the Cayman?! 😀

  3. not really theft?tell that to the judge.

  4. Now are you trying to confirm my knowledge that car dealers’ may be shady….

  5. Ha, what a shocker for your parents. I’d love to have been there to see their expressions.

  6. lucy,got some splaining to do!

  7. people are doing things that probably go past their morals these days. too bad

  8. or… people are actually letting their morals fly these days.

  9. car dealers can be creative when trying to make the sale. there was this story once about a salesman tossing the customer’s keys to their trade-in on the roof of the dealership so they can’t leave.

  10. Gives one more answer to the old auto salesperson line : ” What do i have to do to out you in this car today? ” 🙂

  11. Some car dealers are shady, but hopefully those will be the ones weeded out in this shaky economy.

  12. Better than taking your ride out to the desert and lighting it on fire — which I guess some people have been doing lately…

    View the slideshow. Not Porsches, but sad.

  13. That sounds awfully weird to me! What a weird way to drum up business.

  14. mitchell says

    hey, im from colorado – saw this on one of the news websites.
    pretty funny. you’d think expensive cars would come with some
    kind of built in lo-jack for just this reason. probably just a disgruntled employee.

  15. always another shady dealer to replace them.

  16. what the?? like infinity has ANYTHING on a porsche cayman…..really?

  17. ruthless,
    if a dealer did that to me i’d never step foot on the property again and i’d take a whole page out of the newspaper for an add and tell everybody too.

  18. Brad, if your gonna get outed it might as well be i a Porsche.

  19. I think the lo-jack is a great idea and should be standard on every car.

  20. with the recent economic down turn, and LOTS of dealers shutting their doors, I’m hoping the reduced competition among the remaining shops will eliminate the need for desperate sales tactics

  21. @Andy – the Infiniti does have something on the Cayman… a lower payment. 🙂

  22. @andy @andrew

    another difference is that the infiniti has a name that is also a typo

  23. my head hurts after reading this