Porsche Cayman ROAD TRIP!!!

Just got back last night (we pulled in to my driveway at 11:45pm) from a blitz road trip from San Diego, California in a Porsche Cayman. Was a blast and confirmed why I love road trips. I’ll try and give the abbreviated version of the story. I was in my buddy’s restaurant last Thursday for […]

0 to 60 in a 2010 Porsche 911 Turbo…While Drinking a Coke!

I’m sure lots of you are going to be haters on this story/video. That’s okay. It’s just downright entertaining to me (I know, I’m a simple man at heart). At least he did this on a closed road/track. No need to bring up my Porsche 911 driving while eating an ice cream cone, which again, […]

Mario Andretti

I came home yesterday to an issue of Success Magazine that was sent to me in the mail. It’s not a magazine I would normally read (despite my desire to be successful!), but this one happened to have an article on Mario Andretti in it, so I gave it a quick read. Me not being […]

Snow: 1 – Porsche: 0

Joe, one of our PorschePerfect.com readers who lives in the Northeast, sent me the following picture this morning taken during his commute: Here’s what he had to say: School was not cancelled today despite all the snow we got in the New Haven area. Drove the boxster to class and almost died like three times! […]

A Porsche And A Set Of Golf Clubs

Why do angry wives/lovers/girlfriends have to take out their aggression on a fella’s Porsche?! Can’t they show a little more respect for these cars we all love so much? Why can’t they break a window in a house, take a 7-iron to their man’s TV, or snap that bowling trophy he loves so much? Seriously, […]

One Lucky Porsche

It seems like we’re somehow sickly drawn to the bad things that happen to our beloved cars. For some reason we can’t NOT look. Today I thought I’d highlight a potentially bad situation that somehow managed to not come about. I ran across these pictures on Thanksgiving Day while looking for a turkey Porsche. I […]

The Ultimate Piece of Art

Sometimes, when you combine too much money with a love for Porsches, you get a funky outcome. This is definitely one of those times. When Gil Dezer moved into his swank luxury condo in Sunny Isles, Florida, his interior design team told him he needed some art. Little did they know that would lead to […]

The “Porsche” Treatment

A few months ago, I bookmarked a bunch of Porsche related sites that I intended to get back to way before today. In going through them, I came across a very short write-up by a fella test driving a Porsche 911 Carrera 4 Cabriolet. His thoughts on the car weren’t all that interesting, but an […]

The Belgrade Phantom

Paul sent me a link today to the video below about The Belgrade Phantom. I had never heard the story before, but it turns out there are a fair number of videos and information about him online. The Beogradski Fantom, which is Serbian for Belgrade Phantom, became famous for his high speed driving night after […]

Porsche Story

This Porsche Story was sent in by Stephen. It’s one of those once in a lifetime experiences in my book. My first and only encounter began on a sunlit Sunday morning when a customer parked his Porsche right at the door to my shop. I complimented him on his choice of vehicle and he asked […]