One Lucky Porsche

It seems like we’re somehow sickly drawn to the bad things that happen to our beloved cars. For some reason we can’t NOT look. Today I thought I’d highlight a potentially bad situation that somehow managed to not come about.

I ran across these pictures on Thanksgiving Day while looking for a turkey Porsche. I didn’t really think much about it until I read the captions.

Imagine this beautiful Porsche sitting safely in it’s parking spot…

…when this happened…

Here’s what the owner had to say:

yes – they all fell. 8 bikes and one spare frame and wheel -all pulled right out of the multiple studs..luckily the car was at the mechanic that day – I love my mechanic for taking two days!

That is one dang lucky Porsche!


  1. Ouch, that was close. If modern US houses are like English ones, it’s a nightmare trying to get Rawlplugs to hold in the lightweight blocks used for the inner walls.

  2. Wow, the car gods were looking out for him.

  3. That’s unreal. God bless it being in the shop-

  4. The latter picture is what my garage looks like on any given day 🙂

  5. that is just awesome!!! looks like the guy has good taste in bikes too

  6. That is some crazy good luck. Next time he should secure the bikes a little better.