A Porsche And A Set Of Golf Clubs

Why do angry wives/lovers/girlfriends have to take out their aggression on a fella’s Porsche?! Can’t they show a little more respect for these cars we all love so much? Why can’t they break a window in a house, take a 7-iron to their man’s TV, or snap that bowling trophy he loves so much? Seriously, don’t take it out on a piece of fine German engineering that likely provided you as much pleasure and thrill as it did him.

Why bring all this up now? I was reading an article about Nick Faldo and they covered the ladies in his life over the years. One in particular seems to have had a bit of a nasty temper. Oh, and no respect for Porsche supercars! Brenna Capelak and Nick enjoyed a 3 year relationship before Nick decided it was time to move on and started seeing the next lady on the list, Valerie Bercher.

How did Brenna respond to the breakup? She took a 9-iron to his Porsche 959! Yes, is that crazy or what?! Here’s what Nick had to say about the incident: “It was a very special car. It was so hi-tech, it was made of plastic. The club kept bouncing off. It wouldn’t leave a dent. I auctioned it off.”

Wikipedia claims £10,000 worth of damage was done. So maybe it wasn’t quite as rosy as ol Nick remembers.

All I can think of to say is WHY? WHY? WHY?

[Via Guardian]


  1. Ahhh, I would be so angry. Is she still single? I would think twice guys about picking her up off the scrap-heap if she is. At least hide the Porsche.

    Has anyone here has seen the movie Mystic Pizza? Remember what the girl did to her boyfriends Porsche….

  2. the 959, In its day a dominant supercar capable of defeating anything in its path, ….But still unable to escape the wrath of a pint sized woman with a golf club….Glad Tiger Woods doesnt own one! I am sure im not first with the TW joke.

  3. Yeah, I say leave the cars alone, they didn’t do anything wrong. Smash a window in the house or throw fine china something.

  4. I head Tigers not out of the woods yet. . . .

    Ryan, watch this!

  5. Just glad she smashed the plastic. I wonder what a full set of windows for a 959 cost? Maybe the guy should get himself one of those armored Panameras if he is going to date volatile women.

  6. If you knew this girl like myself and her other friends, you would say that Nick got off lucky!

    This was just teh start of a long career of spitefull acts.