0 to 60 in a 2010 Porsche 911 Turbo…While Drinking a Coke!

I’m sure lots of you are going to be haters on this story/video. That’s okay. It’s just downright entertaining to me (I know, I’m a simple man at heart). At least he did this on a closed road/track. No need to bring up my Porsche 911 driving while eating an ice cream cone, which again, was a safe drive. It was slow and no traffic, so no need to come after me again on that one.

Too bad we don’t see more real world video reviews like this. Come on…put cars through the stuff us “normal” drivers do. Great product placement too.


  1. he should have tried doing that while texting

  2. That was a good one. Pretty amazing car to be able to hit those marks for 60 and 100 while doing nothing ‘except drinking a coke’. Pretty funny after he burped, wasn’t expecting that one.

  3. I loved the look in his eyes as the car accelerated, like “Holy crap, why the hell am I drinking a Coke instead of enjoying the hell out of this!”

  4. hard to believe Porsche can deliver that performance at such a resonable price.

  5. the brits don’t say zero, they say naught. He refers to speed times like “naught to 60”, etc…he shouldn’t have been drinking a Coke, he should have been drinking a Coke-Naught.

    see what I did there?