A Couple of Big Awards for Porsche

In the last couple of weeks, Porsche has won two of the industry’s most coveted awards for several of its cars. The first is the Automobile Magazine All-Star award. Every year Automobile Magazine’s staff get together to drive and compare ten different categories worth of cars. The 2009 911 is just the latest Porsche to […]

Weekly Porsche Wrap

Here’s what I found interesting last week having to do with Porsches: Porsche adopts new marketing policy: Just say “NO” Looks like Porsche has snubbed the 2009 Canadian International Auto Show in Toronto in February. Porsche officials claim they’re conserving marketing dollars by trying to connect at a better level with potential consumers. Pebble Beach […]

Next Gen Porsche Speedster

I’m venturing to guess that I’m not the only one who loved the movie Top Gun.  I’d also be willing to bet that the movie propelled the 356 Speedster into more hearts than just mine (even though it WAS a replica). I remember thinking “I love this car!” every time I saw the movie. At […]

Diesel Boxster

I’ve gotta be honest, I don’t get this one.  Diesel Boxster?  A Cayenne I can kind of see.  Really, they can do whatever they want to the Cayenne.  I don’t like them to begin with.  But the Boxster?!  I actually like those. It looks like we may be seeing the Diesel Boxster as soon as […]

E-Porsche…Silent but Deadly

We’ve seen some electric Porsches surface from time to time. Well meaning Porsche enthusiasts applying their engineering prowess and desire to greenify our favorite brand. Everything from 914s to 944s and 911s to 356s have been electrified by “green” Porscheophiles. At least they’re doing something reasonable with their Porsches unlike the Porsche 928 Pickup conversion. […]

Weekly Porsche Wrap

Here are a few Porsche related posts I read over the last week that I found interesting.  All of them are worth a read! 4 Steps to Winterize Your Porsche John over at 993c4s.com (soon to be PorschePurist.com) had a great post on winterizing your Porsche.  If you live in an area with heavy winter […]

Diesel Porsche…What the heck???

You know by now I, along with many other people, am not a big fan of the Cayenne.  Well, at least the stock Cayenne (see this post on edo Competition’s Cayenne).  So when I read Porsche’s official press release late last month about the Cayenne diesel, of course my first thought was “Now the Cayenne […]

VW Takeover? Not so fast…

Looks like Porsche is stepping a bit slower into its takeover of VW. Porsche Chief Executive Wendelin Wiedeking stated at a news conference recently “Our goal still is to initially increase our stake in VW as soon as possible to over 50%,” but it looks like this will likely not happen in 2008. Funny, Porsche […]

Another 4 Door “Wonder” in the Porsche Panamera?

4 doors…911 styling…plenty of power…Seems like the Porsche Panamera could be a decent addition to the Porsche lineup.  We’ll start seeing the car in 2009 for the 2010 model year.  Engines will be pulled from the Cayenne line with plans for a hybrid at some point in the future.  Hopefully they’ll be able to sell […]