Weekly Porsche Wrap

Here’s what I found interesting last week having to do with Porsches:

Porsche adopts new marketing policy: Just say “NO”
Looks like Porsche has snubbed the 2009 Canadian International Auto Show in Toronto in February. Porsche officials claim they’re conserving marketing dollars by trying to connect at a better level with potential consumers.

Pebble Beach Concours
A pretty cool auto show at none other than Pebble Beach. Hits two passions at once: cars and golf! Even big wig collectors like Jay Leno can be found amongst the rare cars. Funny, most of the cars are known as “trailer queens”. That’s gonna be a good post once I get around to it.

Porsche Carrera GT in Mumbai
I don’t know why things like this cause me to do a mental double-take. Heck India has more of our jobs than we have in the US right now. Just always seems like a Porsche would be a funny thing to find in India. Even though I know it’s more commonplace than one would htink. Pretty cool the Carrera GT is on display at Porsche Centre Mumbai.

Porsche Design Sled
I don’t know that I’d rush out to put my kids on this thing.  Based on their sledding experiences this past week, they’ve already plowed into trash cans, other kids and nearly a parked car. A Porsche Design sled has got to be one of the ultimate snow accessories though.  The thing just looks fast.

2009 Porsche Boxster Driving Video
This one is worth watching solely for the top retraction while driving demo. Anyone who’s owned a convertible will LOVE that feature.


  1. can’t imagine they sell a large % in canada.

  2. boxster video:anyone who has had a convertible where you have to be at a COMPLETE stop to raise /lower top will appreciate video.

  3. sled is great;have to let engineers do something different every once and a while.

  4. nice road to sun yourself. I must be old.
    Back in the day, I thought a convertible had
    to be stopped to activate the top (or going real slow)
    How did Porsche lawyers get around that? Are all
    car makers doing that? I guess I’ve been driving
    coupes and riding motorcycles too long.


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