A Couple of Big Awards for Porsche

In the last couple of weeks, Porsche has won two of the industry’s most coveted awards for several of its cars. The first is the Automobile Magazine All-Star award. Every year Automobile Magazine’s staff get together to drive and compare ten different categories worth of cars. The 2009 911 is just the latest Porsche to win this prestigious award. Comments speak volumes about how Porsche performed this year:

“There is no doubt this is the best car in the group.” Marc Noordeloos

“The 911 has a sense of theater at any speed and remains the world’s best sports car.” Jason Cammisa

One Automobile Mag staffer, Amy Skogstrom, when asked for a recommendation without hesitation: “I pretty much always say ‘the Porsche 911.'” Pretty impressive given the stiff competition the 911 faces each year in it’s category. Read more including the full article here.

The second award is the addition of the 2008 Boxster and Cayman to the “Recommended” list by Consumer Guide. Editors put cars through their paces using an 11-point evaluation process that leaves them with the best cars in particular segments based on an “every-day driver perspective.” Both the Boxster and the Cayman emerged at the top of the pack despite there being less expensive sports car available.

Read more about the recommendations and full reviews at the following links to Consumer Guide Automotive: 2008 Porsche Boxster and 2008 Porsche Cayman


  1. Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG, Stuttgart, in the truest sense of the word: the 911, the Boxster, Cayman, and Cayenne has numerous prizes and awards for the German manufacturer of sports cars. In all kinds of contests, competitions and tests, both the public and the press, customers and connoisseurs confirmed through their voting that Porsche continues to outperform even the greatest expectations in the market.

    Porsche has become a regular winner in the contest for the “Best Cars”, conducted each year by Germany’s leading motor magazine auto motor und sport among its readers………Porsche Rocks!

  2. Christina G. says

    I’m not at all surprised that Porsche won the Automobile Magazine All-Star award. Well deserved!

  3. I agree. I have been a fan of Porsche since I was a little kid. I bought one not too long ago, and i must say that it is the best car I’v ever driven. I’m not shocked at all that they won the award.

  4. Stephen says

    Congrads to Porsche

  5. Porsche has always been a benchmark for other companies to live up to and to strive toward. The engineers of our favorite company have never accepted less than perfection, and the new mid-engined addition to the family (cayman) has done nothing but aww the reviewers and testers. Congratulations to all the hard work to keep up the legendary name of porsche!

  6. No substitute

  7. “I pretty much always say ‘the Porsche 911.'”

    That really is one sweet ride. Nice awards/recognition. Although I’m pretty sure Porsche is the most awarded/recognized car in the sports car class out there.

  8. Congrats on the rewards!

  9. who else even comes close?

  10. Jennifer M says

    No surprise, but congrats anyways!

  11. An award from Automobile mag is one that if i was a manufacturer would relish! Automobile mag itself is worthy of prestigious award!

  12. im surprised that all they got

  13. Congratulations on the awards. I hope there are many more awards in the future.

  14. nice that you can get a sports car you can live with every day and not just use on weekends.

  15. Porsche is a quality car and it amazes me that all the other car companies ALWAYS post their awards, but not Porsche. I commend Porsche for this!

  16. best sports car is impressive considering the competition.

  17. Yes, it’s imprssive, but their’s only one sports car, in my opinion and it’s the Porsche

  18. This is certainly not a surprise to me

  19. Porsche has always been perfection and these awards were will deserved.

  20. Susanna Phelps says

    No need for sirens to announce the 911’s superiority, merely states the obvious.

  21. I wonder howmany awards are won by BMW or Mercedes?

  22. have heard the 911 described as the perfect blend of sports/gt car.seems a lot of people agree.

  23. tracy davis says

    I’m not at all surprised that Porsche won the Automobile Magazine All-Star award. Well deserved!

  24. Tracy, I have to agree, I was not surprised that Porsche won the Auto. Mag. award.

  25. These are well-deserved awards, for a FANTASTIC company.

  26. Over the years, I wonder which car mfg has won the most awards?

  27. tracy davis says

    No substitute

  28. Laura Adams says

    Making the Consumer Guide lists is a big plus for those two cars.