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Weekly Porsche Wrap

3 new Porsche models on the horizon? – This is an interesting one. It’s no secret that VW wants Porsche to sell more cars. 150,000 units per year by 2013 is the latest goal. To do that, they really have to introduce some lower cost vehicles into the market. A solution is the introduction of […]

Porsche 904 Video

This is a pretty cool historical video on the Porsche 904. Some cool footage of a fella driving one too. Don’t know much about the 904 and this was a good little primer.

Porsche “Insider” Newsletter

Alright, maybe this isn’t REALLY an insiders newsletter, but I DO like getting an email from Porsche every month. Makes me feel like I’m in the know. James O suggested I throw this out there in case you don’t know about it already. It’s a little newsletter Porsche puts out every month that has some […]

Porsche Story

This is a pretty crazy story that was submitted by Garrett. Guy’s got more cahones than I do. I was taking the first big trip in my newly purchased Boxster. I was approaching downtown Kansas City one evening and weaving through traffic at about 90 mph. I came up on an early model Corvette Sting […]

One Cayenne I Wouldn’t Mind Riding Around In

Ruthless Bookie sent in this picture of a stretch Porsche Cayenne limousine he saw recently. Here’s what he mentioned: I was at Fenway Park last Friday when the Yankees shelled the Sox to all hell, and on the way out, saw a Cayenne stretch limo. The angle doesn’t give the true sense of this monster, […]

Why EVERYONE Should Buy A Porsche 911

This post was sent in by Ken. Hopefully it serves as the inspiration to get more of us out shopping for a Porsche 911. Why we all should go get a 911: 1.  Be the Man. Or Woman. It is my firm belief that every man, at one point in his life, should have a […]

New Tuner In Town: Cargraphic

Move over Porsche tuners, there’s a new sheriff in town. Well, maybe make that volunteer deputy for now. Looks like Cargraphic is jumping into the Porsche Cayenne Diesel customization market. They have a broad range of tuning options for most Porsche models, including the Cayenne, so this isn’t a new arena for them. Established back […]

Porsche Bastardry

I hope I’m not alone here, but even if I am, I don’t really care. What is done to Porsches sometimes is just plain WRONG. I can handle the gold accents on the Mirage GT. Heck, I can even handle the gold plated Porsche 911. Different people have different ideas of what looks cool on […]

Porsche Giveaway Update

Inquiring minds want to know! Well, no word yet. With only a little over 12 days left, it’s looking more and more like Daniel is going to be a no show. Which bodes well for all of you who would still like to drive home in a sweet Porsche 911 Carrrera Cabriolet! We’re already starting […]

911 Turbo History Video

Ruthless Bookie came across this video on YouTube and sent it over to share with everyone. This is a great historical view of the 911 Turbo along with some cool footage of each model from the initial release in 1974. Thanks Bookie!