Porsche Story

This is a pretty crazy story that was submitted by Garrett. Guy’s got more cahones than I do.

I was taking the first big trip in my newly purchased Boxster. I was approaching downtown Kansas City one evening and weaving through traffic at about 90 mph. I came up on an early model Corvette Sting Ray.

I looked in my rear-view mirror and saw the ‘Vette approaching, apparently wanting to race. We played tag a few times and bumped the speed up to about 120 mph.

He swerved over into the left hand lane in attempt to pass me again, and I saw him take a drag on a cigarette, which apparently caused him to lose focus. He then fishtailed and did a 180, narrowly missing several other cars on the freeway. Thankfully no one entered harms way.


  1. Yeah, that is just a little crazy. Wow, that was a lucky day.

  2. Idiots like Garrett should never own, much less drive a Porsche.
    He is one of a few who abuses the Porsche privilege by driving
    irresponsibility while speeding and racing on public freeways.
    A menace to himself and others. If you have to show off, take it to the track.

    Stay in Kansas with the rest of the hayseed farmers and red necks.

  3. i could see a couple of rice burners doing that, but high end cars? hmm, i wonder…

    either way it would be cool to see it go down!

  4. Come on people! Why would you ever buy a sports car if you didnt intend to drive it for what it was made for? I guess in general people in America are scared of many things.
    Nice Story!

  5. Smoking kills – in more ways than one.

  6. Im sure there is a police report out there searching for someone with Garetts description.

    tsk tsk…should be careful with what you say online

  7. Thanks Jared. And Russ, there probably are a few police reports looking for someone with my description… but what is life if you don’t live it?

    I didn’t buy a Porsche to go putt around at the speed limit. It’s a driving car, and that’s what I do with it. I’ve put 20,000 miles on it in 6 months!

    I don’t know many Porsche owners/drivers that don’t enjoy their cars like I do! I can only think of one, a female that was driving a 996 Ruf RTurbo cabrio tiptronic at Porsche Palooza last year…