Porsche Giveaway Update

Porsche 911 Cabriolet Giveaway 2

Inquiring minds want to know!

Well, no word yet. With only a little over 12 days left, it’s looking more and more like Daniel is going to be a no show. Which bodes well for all of you who would still like to drive home in a sweet Porsche 911 Carrrera Cabriolet!

We’re already starting to think about how the next drawing will work and how we’ll annouce the new winner should Daniel not step forward in the 30 day winner window. We’ve kicked around everything from scratching out the tattoo on Brock’s chest to cattle branding options to seeing if we could get “The Governator” to announce it on camera for us (alright, that one didn’t last long on the list). Rest assured, we’ll come up with something good.

Just wanted to give everyone an update and confirm your suspicions in still seeing a Winner Countdown timer on the right hand sidebar. As they say, “It ain’t over till the fat lady sings”, and my friends, she ain’t sung yet!


  1. Awesome!

  2. well who’s the fat lady that’ll be singing??

  3. so you aren’t going to just redraw??

  4. I am pretty sure that fat lady will be singing in 12 days. And I sure would love the opportunity to still win your beautiful car. With some of the things I am going thru right now this would definitely be a pick-me-up and would be so awesome.

  5. Agreed with Jeff. I go back to school next week which pretty much concludes my summer. Winning the Porsche would make it the best week ever though.

  6. on day 31 Jeremy will release Daniel from his dungeon

  7. @Joe – you don’t know how much I envy your position. I remember dreading going back to school too, but if I could go back now I feel like it would be the greatest thing ever. At least having a conclusion to your summer means that one started for you. 🙂
    I’ve only had a couple of days off of work this summer — and they were both after my car accident. Oh how I long for those school days again.

  8. As for Brock, I think a nice branding would be great entertainment!
    Sorry Brock.

  9. So that is how this worked out ruthless… good plan.

  10. question on the potential redraw – are you just going to pick a new random number from the same set of entries that ended on 7-31?

    i think you mean you are going to come up with a new “reveal” gimmick or announcement right and not a whole new approach to the winner selection…

  11. but i think whats happening is that “daniel” probably got the email a couple days late, came to this site and saw what was going on, so now he’s just holding out on purpose to mess with us. short of prison or death, nothing else seems logical to me, lol.

  12. School > real world
    enjoy it while you can. A bike in school beats a porsche and a real job any day of the week.

  13. @Ryan re: mitchell’s comment – did you send out an email announcing him as the winner? I feel that no notification should be given (although that may be against the rules/law). You should have to come to the site regularly enough (is once a month too much to ask) to find out whether or not you are the winner.

  14. mitchell may have a point – Daniel won a porsche, he has 30 days to divorce his wife so she can’t get half. He’s is in Mexico right now finalizing the deal.