One Cayenne I Wouldn’t Mind Riding Around In


Ruthless Bookie sent in this picture of a stretch Porsche Cayenne limousine he saw recently. Here’s what he mentioned:

I was at Fenway Park last Friday when the Yankees shelled the Sox to all hell, and on the way out, saw a Cayenne stretch limo. The angle doesn’t give the true sense of this monster, but how long do YOU want to fight Boston traffic to take a picture?

Thanks for sending this in bookie!


  1. Wow, what a great picture! I love this Porsche sighting for so many reasons.. Baseball.. Porsche limo.. Does it get any better?

  2. that was me bookie getting a ride in…..why didnt you say hello? lol

  3. Way to fight for the pic. This looks like it might be it right here:

  4. What a sweet idea. I stretch Cayenne. I would choose that anyday over a hummer strectch limo.

  5. good find, Andrew

  6. I believe this was the 22-11 game? 😀

  7. Thanks rb – now I expect you to go out there and rent that so we can get some more pics too!

  8. correct Joe – one of the few times it was good that I’m a Mets fan.

    Andrew, I’d love to get behind the wheel of this one

  9. here’s another one that I’d love to drive:

  10. who won?

  11. That convertible one would be fun rb. I fear that performance on both would be disappointing though.